Vantaa will design its PCED in the Aviapolis area to create the greenest airport city in Europe.

Vantaa is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. To accelerate towards this goal, the city has identified Aviapolis as the most suitable area for a PCED.
Aviapolis is a brownfield area turning into a unique airport city with housing, employment opportunities, services, leisure activities, and cultural amenities. One of the goals for this area is to become the greenest airport city in Europe. This requires ambition in planning and developing the area, not only in terms of energy solutions but also, pedestrian routes, multimodal accessibility, and green infrastructure.
The City of Vantaa has its own framework for participation called Participatory Vantaa, which offers a variety of opportunities to include citizens on an online platform. In the NEUTRALPATH framework, Vantaa will also invite stakeholders to take part in the project through various events, surveys, and collaborations.