Co-designed urban solutions for climate neutrality


NEUTRALPATH paves the way towards climate-neutral cities through the development of positive and clean energy districts (PCEDs) and the co-design of efficient, climate-friendly solutions. By contributing to the European mission of achieving at least 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030, it sets an example for other cities to replicate the process by 2050.

Cities involved

NEUTRALPATH involves five cities.

Dresden (Germany) and Zaragoza (Spain) act as frontrunners in the implementation of their PCED, as a fundamental strategy to reach climate neutrality by 2030.

Istanbul (Turkey), Ghent (Belgium), and Vantaa (Finland) are the fellow cities, which will follow the examples of the two frontrunners (known as lighthouse cities) to design their own PCED.

NEUTRALPATH will set up climate-neutral labs (CN-Labs) in the five cities to involve local actors in co-designing clean solutions.

NEUTRALPATH Community of Practice

Take the chance to engage with technology providers, industry professionals, researchers, and stakeholders across Europe and collaborate on positive energy districts, energy transition, and climate neutrality.