Istanbul wants to transform the ex-industrial gasworks of Gazhane into an efficient climate-neutral lab.

Istanbul is a member of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy and selected as one of the 112 Mission Cities by the European Commission, to be supported by the NetZeroCities and reach climate neutrality by 2030. The Gazhane area (former gas distribution plant), built in 1892 on the Asian side of the Bosporus, houses a museum, a venue for cultural events, and recreational opportunities for local people. The museum is already a site for the history of energy, making it the ideal location for the climate-neutral lab. The Gazhane PCED area will include former gasworks converted into a recreational park, as well as museums, workshops, and libraries. The buildings’ efficiency and architectural qualities are very poor. The neighbourhood once housed a former gasworks that supplied energy to the entire city, but now residents suffer from energy poverty.


The Climate-Neutral Labs act as innovation hubs with dual purposes: engaging local stakeholders and citizens in co-designing PCEDs and learning from other cities to accelerate the process toward climate neutrality.

The objectives of Istanbul CN-Lab are:
– Development of a feasible PCED plan in Gazhane area
– Improving institutional capacities of the stakeholders, increasing awareness of the citizens, and developing mutual
understanding and commitment
– Supporting the pathway towards a climate-neutral Istanbul through Climate City Contract.


If you are a local stakeholder and want to help us make Istanbul climate neutral, fill in the form in Turkish.